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Graduate student positions are available in our group for students interested in studying the properties and function of organic and metal-organic nanostructures at surfaces. These projects are typically multidisciplinary - involving aspects of physical chemistry and materials chemistry, as well as some inorganic and organic chemistry. To learn more about our work and discuss specific, current projects, please send an email to Prof. Tait or drop by my office to discuss.

More information about the chemistry graduate program at IU can be found on websites for: IU Chemistry Graduate Program, IU Materials Chemistry and IU Physical Chemistry. Applications to our graduate program should be made through our department webpage.

We are also interested in outstanding postdoctoral researchers with interest in studying the chemical and physical properties of self-organized functional nanostructures at surfaces and who have prior experience with UHV surface analysis. Inquiries (with attached CV) may be sent by email to Prof. Tait

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