Professor of Biology and Informatics Matthew Hahn checks on the progress of a reaction. Copyright 2006 Chris Meyer.

© 2006 Chris Meyer

Vol. 2, No. 1: Spring/Summer 2006


From the Dean of the Faculties

If we strive for scientific literacy, we discount evolutionary theory at our peril.

No Controversy Here

Teaching evolution and the principles of scientific inquiry.

Brave New Biology

Addressing the science, ethics, and history of biotechnology.

To Build a Better Human

Telling the intertwining histories of genetics and eugenics.

When Things Get Murky

Preparing students for the complexities of environmental advocacy.

The Privilege and Frustration of Fieldwork

The life-changing experience of studying primates in the wild.

Alive and Wriggling at WonderLab

A science museum introduces the fundamentals of adaptation

Teaching Evolution in the Era of Biology

Presenting the increasingly complex science of Darwin’s big idea.

Inspiring a Little Awe

Striking examples of animal adaptations.

Second Wind

A retired high-school science teacher goes back to school.