Recording Arts major Seungok Yoo in a Musical Arts Center studio.

© 2007 Chris Meyer

Vol. 3, No. 1: Spring/Summer 2007


From the Dean of the Faculties, Indiana University Bloomington

IU students leave campus with intellectual passports, inspired to reach out to the world.

Across the Border and Back

Understanding human rights, and the social movements established in their name.

Dealing with Disruption

A crash-course in global enterprise and working with people from another country.

Globally Minded Teachers

High school teachers apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to global issues.

Everything Clicked

A high school student’s life-changing experience in Bloomington.

The World through Others’ Eyes

Student teachers bring distant cultures back to share with their students at home.

A Passion for Pashto

Global Village residents sustain, support, and ignite each other’s interests in world culture.

It Takes a Village

Global Village Director Herb Terry reflects on his 32 years at IU.

Adventures Abroad

Recipients of the Edward L. Hutton International Experiences Grant describe their time abroad.

From the Stage to the Recording Booth

As a senior completes a degree in recording arts, she sets her sights on a career recording music for film.

Where in the World is the Class of 2007?

Facts about IU students abroad, and about international students and scholars on the Bloomington campus.