(left to right) African American Dance Company members Cherese Dillman, Kim Morris-Newson, and Antwonette Demming.

Photo by Mark McCullough

Vol. 3, No. 2: Fall/Winter 2007


From the Dean of the Faculties, Indiana University Bloomington

A great university must educate the whole student, tending to the body as well as to the mind.

Capturing Opportunity

Recreational programs engage students in learning that goes well beyond sports.

The Art of Kunja

A Korean martial art teaches patience and how to deal with frustration.

Taking History an Extra Step

Members of the African American Dance Company donít just learn history, they embody it.

IU Student-Athletes Face their Biggest Foe: Time

Varsity athletes struggle to balance the demands of competition and coursework.

Academic Success—it’s a Team Effort

One of the most progressive academic support offices in the nation assists IU athletes.

Part of the Game

Freshmen explore how violence in sports affects society and their own lives.

Tuning In

Challenging telecommunications students to think about their relationship to televised sports.

Body Politics at the Gym

A Ph.D. student works to make the gym a welcoming space for everybody.

The “Ultimate” College Experience

A little-known club sport helps young women develop confidence.

Sport in and out of the Classroom

Facts and figures about IU sports, fitness and wellness programs, and sport-related courses of study.