IU student Andrew Sharp collects voter signatures in downtown Bloomington to ensure presidential candidate Ron Paulís placement on the ballot.

© 2008 Chris Meyer

Vol. 4, No. 1: Spring/Summer 2008


Civic Engagement on Campus

Students take on the 2008 presidential election in and out of class.

Presidential Politics on Campus

IU students take action for change in Bloomington and across the nation.

IU Students for . . .

Three students discuss their favorite presidential candidates.

From Jimmy Carter to John McCain

A political science professor teaches his eighth presidential campaign.

Stand-up Teaching

A political science Ph.D. candidate finds his own way in the classroom.

Witnessing Politics Firsthand

Interns see democracy in action during a semester spent working in the nation’s capital.

Building Bridges

Students explore points of contact between religion and politics in the Americas.

Revolutionizing Civics Education

The Center on Congress makes the democratic process relevant to students.

Dreaming of a Debate

Students lead the bid to bring one of the 2008 presidential debates to Bloomington.

The Next Big Event

Students and administrators collaborate in IU’s attempt to host a presidential debate.

Politics on Campus and Beyond

Facts and figures about IU students’ participation in politics before and after graduation.