Philosopher Martha Nussbaum talks with Ball Stateís Elizabeth Agnew at Indiana University during Nussbaumís weeklong visit as a Patten Lecturer.

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Vol. 4, No. 2: Fall/Winter 2008


An Ethical Education

At IU Bloomington, instruction in ethics permeates the whole curriculum.

Reckoning with Plagiarism

Promoting honesty in academic writing and establishing a campus culture that values integrity.

What Happens When a Student Plagiarizes

IU follows stringent procedures before penalizing a student.

Leading the Examined Life

Developing the critical thinking skills to apply ethical theories to everyday choices.

Putting Ethics into Action

Students reach beyond the university to do good work in the wider community.

Teaching Research Ethics

Teachers share insights on helping young researchers to think about ethics.

Cosmopolitan Connections

Philosopher and ethicist Martha Nussbaum reflects on the benefits of a multicultural education.

Distant Mirrors

What we learn about ourselves and others through the study of non-Western cultures.

Drawing the Line in Cyberspace

Making rational, moral decisions in the shifting terrain of computer and information technology.

Test Your Understanding of Plagiarism

IU instructors often begin a course by having students complete an online tutorial.