Cox Research Scholar Rebecca Rice releases a junco in IUís bird observatory.

© 2009 Chris Meyer

Vol. 5, No. 1: Spring/Summer 2009


A Campuswide Network of Support

Mentoring at all levels of instruction complements the classroom experience at IU.

Playing Two Roles

Freshman Interest Groups peer instructors teach and serve as role models for their students.

Theory into Practice

Veteran associate instructors train and mentor new teachers in the English Composition Program

Learning How Faculty Work and Live

IU sociology students shadow faculty at liberal arts colleges to learn about the teaching life.

Sharing What “People Don’t Think to Tell You”

Sociology graduate students ease the transition to doctoral study for their first-year peers.

Conversation Exchange Promotes International Friendships

International and American students learn about each other’s cultures while practicing English.

Seeking a Deeper Learning Experience

Cox Research Scholars pursue research and creative adventures in learning.

Once a Groups Student, Always a Groups Student

An advisor shares his history with the Groups program, and success stories about current students.

Coming Full Circle

A former Groups student advises for the program while she pursues a graduate degree.

The Joys, Trials, and Tribulations of Scientific Inquiry

A Science, Technology and Research Scholar graduates with four years of research experience.

“What do You Wish You Knew Back When . . .”

A senior in the Kelley School of Business reflects on his experiences with two mentoring programs.