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MultiVisions Recap

Congratulations to our Showcase and scholarship winners!

MultiVisions 2008 Conference recap

  • 380 students attended
  • 25 professionals served as panelists, coming from12 different cities
  • 140 informational interviews conducted by panelists
  • 60 undergraduates planned the conference
  • 230 served a free lunch consuming 4 6-ft subs
  • 12 scholarships awarded totaling $8000
  • 11 winners of the Media Showcase competition
  • $7300 in sponsorships from 20 contributors
  • 800 MultiVisions pens distributed for promotions
  • innumerable Jobs, Internships and Mentoring as a result

2008 Scholarship Winners – The department awarded $8,000 in scholarships and awards.

  • LeRoy Bannerman Award in Innovative Audio --  Thomas W. Wilson
  • Fred Brewer Award in New Media Graphics --  Seth Tober 
  • Chairman’s Award --  Matthew Bregger 
  • Darragh Conference Support Award --  Xiaofei Wang 
  • Rolland Johnson Award in Media Management & Programming --  Craig Shank 
  • Lee Norvelle Scholarship --  Alison McMillan  & Allison Conway 
  • Jo Anne Morris Murphy Award  --   Jessica Moore
  • Jeri Taylor Award for Scriptwriting  --  Brett Harris, and runners up -- Cassie McClatchey and Sharquita Sims
  • Jennifer Byrne Shull Scholarship  -- Mary Cho and Allison Conway 

2008 MultiVisions Media Showcase 1st place winners

Advanced Nonfiction
Matt Bregger and fellow team mates:
Shana Slutsky
Sang Jin-Kim
Valerie Bartelt
Logan Molnar
Colin Rinaker

Advanced Fiction
Dan Packer

Intermediate Field Production  
Joshua Hunnicutt

Entry Level Field Production
Ed Wu
Justin Luntz

Entry Level Studio Production

Producer: Chelsea Miller. Directors Chris Impicciche & Brianne Thayer
“True Story Concert” 

Open Video Production
Dan Packer

Graphics and Animation for Web
Taylor Zitman

Graphics and Animation for Video
Joshua Hunnicutt

Audio Production
Shane Zinkhon

Open Graphics & Animation for Web or Video   
Leetal Halamish

Script Writing
Brett Harris


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