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On June 13, 1998, 125 RTV alumni and friends gathered in the enlarged RTV building to pay tribute to Dick Yoakam and to celebrate the establishment of the Yoakam Technology Endowment. It was a grand occasion for reminiscing, renewing friendships and hearing Yoakam's famous stories once again.

After cocktails in the new RTV atrium guests entered the elegantly appointed Studio 5. There all enjoyed a buffet dinner and wines from Oliver Winery in Bloomington. Ken Beckley '62 and Ernie Nims '65 served as MC's for the Tribute Program. We were treated to recollections--both hilarious and heart-warming--from Joe Angotti '61, Keith Klein '66, Marilyn Schultz '67, John Butte '70 and former Journalism colleagus, Ralph Holsinger.

There were also remote remarks via audio or video from Dick Enberg '59, Jane Pauley '72, Phil Jones '60, Steve Smith '62 and Bill Kroll, faculty colleague in RTV.

But the evening's highlight was when Professor Yoakam took the mic and began to spin tales and share insights just as he did for so many years in his classrooms. We were spellbound.


Luckily for those in attendance--and probably more so for those who missed the Tribute--the program was taped by a crew of Telecommunications faculty and student volunteers.

The Yoakam Tribute videotape is available for sale. Running 60 minutes, it includes highlights of the Yoakam event, especially Dick Yoakam's remarks. To order your copy contact Walter Gantz or (812) 855-1621.

DICK YOAKAM TECHNOLOGY ENDOWMENT The Yoakam Tribute will have lasting impact in the form of the Dick Yoakam Technology Endowment--a permanent resource for purchasing media technology for students' use. The campaign for the endowment has raised $116,000 thus far. The effort is continuing and we need YOUR help to meet the goal of $250,000.

Alumni Association BBQ Alumni Association BBQ
Ed Spray, Ken Beckley, Legene White, Jack McGeary, Ernie Nims Shel Sandman, Lynne Greenberg Sandman, Jim Alexander, Toian Alexander

Yoakam Reunion Committee members:

Larry Alt '68 Ernie Nims '65
George Arfield '60 Bonnie Rollins '70
Sue Carroll Artmeier '69 Marilyn Schultz '67
Ken Beckley '62 David Shank '72
Mark DeBoskey '70 Marilyn Chance Shank '73
Doug Fisher '75 Glenna Tolbert Shelby '67
Sharon Chenoweth Greene '67 Byron Smith '77
Carl Hersh '70 Ed Spray '63
Keith Klein '66 Jack McGeary '65-'66
Walter Gantz, Chair
Dept. of Telecommunications
Legene White, Alumni Affairs
Dept. of Telecommunications