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Why can't I hear audio in Final Cut?

From the "Final Cut" menu, select "Audio/Video Preferences/" Toggle the "Audio Playback setting" to "Built-in audio controller" to hear the sound from the Mac, or select "FireWire DV" to hear the sound from the monitor or to print to video.

Why won't the DV deck connect?

1. If there is a FireWire selector switch between two computers, simply switch it over to the oother computer, then switch it back and wait a moment.

2. From the "Final Cut" menu, select "Audio/Video Preferences." Toggle the "Audio Playback setting" to "Built-in audio controller." Turn off the DV deck and wait for it to power down COMPLETELY. Turn the deck back on and wait a moment.

Why can't I access my files?

You must be logged in as the original author of a file to have the permission to edit it. If you are working on a group project or otherwise can't access a file, simply create a new directory and copy the file to it. YOU DO NOT NEED TO COPY MEDIA FILES FOR FINAL CUT; YOU JUST NEED THE PROJECT FILE.

Why can't I login?

You must be currently enrolled in a production course to login. Please contact your instructor.

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