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What is a Special Request, and why would I use it?
A Special Request can be made if you either need equipment that students in your current production class are not permitted to access with a standard checkout, and/or if you need the equipment for longer than what your current production class allows.

For more information on what your production class can reserve with a standard checkout, please see the Equipment List by Class.

Are there any requirements in order to get my Special Request approved?
Please keep in mind that submitting a Special Request does not guarantee approval of use or the reservation of the equipment specified. All Users of Equipment from the Department of Telecommunications are bound by the Policies of the Production Lab. Below is a short list of the main requirements. A full list will updated soon.

  • Special Request must be made at least three (3) business days in advance.   more...
  • You must be currenty enrolled in a Telecom/Media School production class.  more...
  • Your request must be used for a current production class project.   more...
  • You must be capable of properly using the equipment you request.   more...

Please copy and paste the information below along with your data into an email to the Digital Production Specialist in the Production Lab. All fields MUST be completed in order to process your request. You can also view a sample request or download a request template.


IU Email Address:
10-Digit University ID:

Please list the production course(s) you are currently enrolled in:
Please list the course your special request is for:
Please list which project(s) the request is for:

When do you want to check out gear (date & time):
When will you return the gear (date & time):

Please list the equipment you wish to use. Be specific and include quantity:

Please explain the nature of your project and request.   more...

I understand that, if granted approval, I will be bound by the Policies of the Production Lab, including full financial responsibility for any equipment I have checked out. I also understand that falsification of any information on the form will immediately void the request, and may be considered Academic Misconduct.

Typing your name below confirms that you abide by the above statement.


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