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It is the mission of the Department of Telecommunications to provide adequate resources to all students currently enrolled in a department credit course.

Studio 5 Policies

  • Absolutely No Food or Drink is allowed in Studio 5 or the Control Room.
  • Leave the studio and control room cleaner and in better shape than you found it.
  • Always make sure that the Equipment Room, Prop Room, and Lighting Gels are in a good and orderly fashion.
  • Only adjust the Baton-Fly System while under the direct supervision of your instructor or Studio Engineer on Duty.
  • Always have a trusted person properly spotting you while you are on a ladder. Failure to spot a person properly will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  • When working with any light in the studio, ALWAYS wear safety gloves.
  • Always make sure that the light has a Properly Secured Safety Chain, and that the electrical lines and connectors are not resting on any part of the lamp body.
  • Lighting can be moved as needed, and must be moved back to its original home at the end of class. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action.
  • If a light is added or removed from a Baton, that Baton cannot be moved until the lamp is removed or readied.
  • Always use a Gel Frame for lighting gels or diffusion whenever possible.
  • If a lamp burns out, notify your instructor or Engineer on Duty. DO NOT attempt to change the lamp yourself.
  • Do not alter the configuration of any device in the Control Room.
  • Studio 5 is generally not available outside of your class time, unless you make arrangements with your Instructor.
  • Studio 5 is for academic assignments. If you wish to use Studio 5 for a non-academic purpose, please fill out a Special Request Form. NOTE: Appropriate Rental Charges Will Apply.