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Striking Guidelines

At the end of a class or other use of the studio, the following is your responsibility:

Control Room

___ All appropriate equipment is turned off

___ Scripts, CD’s, etc. are cleaned up

___ Headsets, Microphones, etc. are put away properly

___ Chairs organized

___ Audio board is covered

___ Switcher set to default


___ Cameras put away, with cables wound properly, covered

___ Lighting board shut off and covered

___ Ladders clear of items, with all gels, frames, gloves, etc. put away

___ Tools, supplies put away in proper place

___ Monitors turned off

___ Lighting at fly system balanced

___ Broken lights tagged and put on lighting repair cart

___ Flats stored in proper place back to back

___ Weights/clamps organized on cart

___ Chairs stacked

___ Jib secured (advanced courses)

___ Props and furniture put away properly

___ Scripts, papers, other items cleaned up

___ Tape removed from floor

___ Final walk through by instructor