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Graduate Program in Telecommunications


The department offers the degrees Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The MA is an academic degree that prepares students for careers in scholarly research, usually at the PhD level. The MS is a professional degree that prepares students for creative and management careers in media industries. The PhD is the highest academic degree and prepares students for a lifetime of advanced research and scholarship.

Subjects of study cover a broad range, and include things like video game design, management of media businesses, research into physiological responses to media images, and analysis of the effect of media sexuality on society as a whole. To get a sense for the kinds of subjects we focus on, browse through the Faculty and Courses pages.

The Department typically has about 70 graduate students, most of them full-time and in residence. About 40 are at the Master’s level and 30 at the PhD level.



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