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Media School Update: Beginning in Fall 2015, the new Media School will be offering integrated graduate programs (M.A., M.S., Ph.D.) that bring together the existing Telecommunications, Journalism, and film and media related Communication and Culture programs.  These programs are currently under development and will be posted soon after they are finalized.  Students interested in Journalism, film and media related Communication and Culture, and Telecommunications offerings should apply through the Telecommunications website.  If you have questions please contact Telecommunications grad director (, who will direct you to the relevant people in Journalism and film and media related sides of Communication and Culture.

Admission and degree requirements vary depending upon the particular program. Select a choice below to find specific degree requirements.

If you are interested in academic research into subjects like Media Processes and Effects, Media Psychology, Media and Sexuality, Communications and Politics, Telecommunications Policy and Law, Children and Media, Media Economics, and other academic research topics involving communications, please explore our MA and PhD programs.

MA Telecommunications

PhD Mass Communications

If you are interested in professional training in preparation for careers in areas like video game design and media management, please explore our MS program.

MS Telecommunications

The department also has joint degree programs with other colleges and schools at IU.

Joint Degrees