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Moira Marsh

Moira Marsh

Librarian for Telecommunications

Wells Library E760
(812) 855-1550

molsmith 'at'

What I Can Do for You:

  • Buy books, films, journals, and databases
  • Consult on library research problems
  • Guide you to online sources and library services
  • Help you to tame bibliographic software (I have years of experience with EndNote)
  • Offer customized, hands-on information literacy classes and online library guides

About Me:

MA (Hons) in Latin and German, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand; PhD in Folklore, Indiana University; MLS: Indiana University. After competing graduate school at IU Bloomington, I was assistant head of Reference at the University of Miami for two years, then returned to Bloomington to become a subject librarian. In addition to telecommunications, I cover anthropology, folklore, sociology, and social work, and comparative literature.  I am in my office on the 7th floor of the Wells Library every day when I am not in a class or a meeting. Stop by and see the only flying jackalope in captivity.

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