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Before coming to IU, I was a management and programming executive for several major television corporations, working in Chicago, Dallas, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. Previously, I was a communications attorney in Washington, D.C. My legal background helped develop an analytic approach to solving business problems within the context of a creative community: branding a product, rebranding a product, negotiations with movie studios and advertising agencies, and the everyday challenges in running a media business.

Crucial to the effective management of media enterprises & organizations is a keen understanding as to how changes in governmental laws & policies can impact critical strategic & tactical decision-making in the rapidly evolving media environment of both traditional forms (TV, radio, newspaper, etc.) and newer forms (internet, mobile, etc.) and as well as the growing, intrusive phenomenon of ‘big data.’ 

After graduating with a master’s in Arts Administration I worked for several years as a theatre producer. I then became managing director of one of the most prolific producers of documentary films for PBS in the country, Twin Cities Public Television. The transition was simpler than I thought — the techniques of management have more to do with the purpose of the activity than with the activity itself. Managing the process of artistic creativity is challenging and rewarding. I continue to make documentary films as Director of National Production for Bloomington’s PBS station and I teach managing the creative process from that perspective. As an executive producer I want my work to be of the highest quality with the widest distribution; as an educator I want to help students understand how I achieve that goal.

I've worked for several years as a lawyer and business executive in the communications industry. I started my career in San Francisco during the ‘’ gold rush. We were going to change the world by building computer networks and cool apps and services linking people globally. After the bubble burst, I worked on transnational mergers & acquisitions in New York, and then back home in Europe I helped build a cross-border telecommunications infrastructure and service network for the financial industry. As a researcher, I believe in bridging between theory and practice for the mutual benefit of industry and academia.

Prior to pursuing an academic career I spent a decade in the radio industry as a Program Director, Research Director, and Promotions Manager. Most of my social scientific research in the Institute for Communication Research is designed to have obvious practical applications for media managers. Particularly, I'm interested in how understanding principles of cognitive science can help guide strategic decisions about advertising creative, promotional campaigns, and commercial scheduling.

My diverse background includes an MBA and work experience in marketing and advertising. In my research I focus on coordination and control in large scale systems. I also have a long running side interest in what makes creative environments tick. These ingredients come together in various ways in my MS oriented classes, which provide analytics for identifying and solving problems that arise in media organizations.

My graduate education is in economics, but I spent several years outside of academia as a business consultant. I've concluded from that experience that understanding the economics of an industry is very useful for predicting whether certain strategies--like a decision to enter that industry with a new startup--are likely to succeed. On the flip side, business people have a lot to teach economists.