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A career in media typically starts with intense work in a narrow area of specialization. With time understanding of other areas starts becoming important for career advancement, as success of media enterprises depends on bringing together of an array of specialties. Interfaces between specializations are especially difficult in media, where creative personalities have to somehow work together. In such an environment, career advancements go to those who can manage complex interfaces between different specializations. Therefore after a few years of intense work in a specialty the ambitious seek to “learn the other side.”

Our program aims to transcend that problem. For us the interface is not peripheral but a focus, as flexibility comes to us naturally. Our ambition for our students is for them to develop as managers for whom the interface is natural, too.

The “daisy diagram” visually captures the orientation of our program. Unlike typical Venn diagrams, which foreground the constituent circles, our daisy diagram foregrounds the emergent overlaps.