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Master of Arts Degree

The MA in Telecommunications is designed to prepare students for academic careers in communications and related fields. MA graduates will be prepared for PhD study, as well as teaching positions at small colleges and analytical and research positions in media and creative industries.

Course Requirements

A minimum of 30 credit hours, including

  1. T501 Philosophy of Inquiry in Telecommunications, T502 Introduction to Research Methods in Telecommunications, and either T503 Telecommunications Theory or T504 Telecommunications Policy Studies, with a grade of B (3.0) or above.
  2. MA Thesis, normally taken for 6 credit hours
  3. A Program of Study listing all courses toward the degree, approved by the student’s Advisory Committee.

At least 21 credit hours must be taken within the Department of Telecommunications.

Advisory Committee

Each student will receive initial guidance from a faculty member assigned by the Director of Graduate Studies. During the second semester, each student will select a three-member Advisory Committee that will be responsible for approving the student’s Program of Study, administering the final exam, and granting approval for the degree. At least two members of the Advisory Committee must be from the Department of Telecommunications. Students who fail to select an Advisory Committee or construct a Program of Study by the end of the second semester in the program will be considered to be making inadequate progress toward the degree.


B (3.0) average or above. Any semester’s work averaging less than B will result in the student’s being placed on academic probation. Accumulation of three individual course grades of C (2.0) or lower for graduate credit will result in dismissal of the student from the program. The departmental Graduate Committee evaluates each student’s progress toward the degree every semester.


Oral defense required, administered by the Advisory Committee.