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Welcome to the Department's Newest Professor, Nicole Martins!

Nicole Martins

Nicole is a new faculty member in our department this year. She came to us from the University of Illinois where her graduate work was focused on issues of social aggression in children and the media. Her dissertation consisted of a two studies. The first study was a content analysis of nonphysical forms of behavior on children’s favorite shows. The second study was a survey that linked exposure to programs high in social aggression with children’s social aggression in the classroom. 

When looking for her first job as a professor, the I.U. Department of Telecommunications appealed to Nicole for a number of reasons. She was drawn to it because of its strong reputation. Joining a department where the research focuses of the faculty included media policy, production and effects was especially appealing to Nicole.

The potential for collaboration across these areas was an asset that made I.U. stand out in Nicole’s mind. 

Outside of work and school Nicole enjoys cooking. She loves to go to the Farmers’ Market and pick out whatever looks the best. She then takes that item home and experiments with new recipes. Being a media scholar, she also loves reading and watching TV. She said if she had to choose one communications device to take with her on a deserted island, she would take her cell phone because she enjoys keeping in touch with her family back east.

Being a recent PhD graduate, her advice to students would be well adhered to. She tells graduate students, especially those who will be looking for their first job soon, to avoid reading too many job postings. One can easily become obsessed with reading the postings  and assembling applications to the point that the dissertation gets neglected. She also says, it’s important for PhD students to understand that much of their experience on the job market is out of their control. It’s also important not to compare yourself, or your experience to your colleagues’ because each school is different and has different hiring needs and schedules.

For undergrads, Nicole’s advice is, when trying to decide what you want to do, it’s just as important to understand what you hate as what you like. The best way to do this is just to jump in feet first and get some real-world experience. Do an internship, go to graduate school open houses, etc.

We’re very lucky to have Nicole in our department! You can get to know her better through taking one of her classes. This semester she’s teaching Media and Society (T205) and Children in the Media (T317). Next semester she’s teaching a class on women in the media. Nicole is always excited to get to know students. She invites you to stop in and chat about graduate school or children or women in the media anytime.

The department is happy to welcome Nicole to the department. She will be teaching classes on children and women in the media this year.