Friday, April 4:: 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Media Showcase

The Media Showcase is a competition of student-produced video, audio, scripts, and web-based productions at both beginning and advanced levels. The winning entries will be anounced and screened at the end of the MultiVisions conference.

Judging will be outsourced to production houses in Chicago, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis where the entries will be viewed and critiqued by professionals.

* Students *
The offical rules and entry form are available here (pdf format).

Entry forms must be submitted to room 261 in the Radio and Television Building by Wednesday, March 5th at 5 PM with TWO COPIES of your entry.

The categories for submitted work are:

  • Advanced Non-Fiction
  • Advanced Fiction
  • Intermediate Studio Production
  • Intermediate Field Production
  • Entry Level Studio Production
  • Entry Level Field Production
  • Audio Production
  • Graphics & Animation for Web
  • Graphics & Animation for Video
  • Script Writing
  • Open Video Production
  • Open Graphics & Animation for Web or Video

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