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Chris Eller

Chris Eller

Adjunct Instructor,
Dept. of Telecommunications.

Cyberinfrastructure Building
(812) 856-1413

ceeller 'at'
Class webpage (T452: 3D Production Workshop)
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As an alumnus of IU and current professional staff member, I'm excited to continue my education by exploring 3D movie making with the great students, faculty, and staff here in the Department of Telecommunications. I'm balancing teaching with my day job at the IU Advanced Visualization Lab as well as my family and movie making aspirations.

I've enjoyed designing and teaching the 3D production class and look forward to continually evolving the class as the art and technology of 3D movies progress. Participating in the Telecom Department at IU has opened many doors for me and I find myself working on a variety of projects and planning even more projects for down the road.

With support and advice from professors Ron Osgood, Susan Kelly, and Jim Krause in Telecom as well as Nicole Jacquard in Fine Arts; I'm developing techniques and documentation to help people create stereoscopic video and movie projects that look good and enhance the stories we're trying to tell.

Chris Eller earned a B.S. in Education from IU in 1999 and an M.S. in Telecommunications from IU in 2012.