Indiana University
Barbara Cherry

Barbara Cherry

Dept. of Telecommunications.

Radio-TV Center, Room 313
(812) 856-5690

cherryb 'at'

Professor, joins IU, 2006. Member of the Graduate Faculty. B.S., University of Michigan, Economics, 1976; M.A., Harvard University, Economics and Law, 1980; J.D., Harvard Law School, 1980; Ph.D., Northwestern University, Communications Studies, 1996. Telecommunications policy experience: Senior Counsel, Office of Strategic Planning & Policy Analysis, Federal Communications Commission; Associate Professor and Associate Director of the James H. and Mary B. Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law at Michigan State University; Director of Public Policy Studies, Ameritech; Regional Attorney for State Government Affairs, AT&T.

Teaching and research interests: integrating experience in industry, academia, and government with multidisciplinary application of law, economics, communications studies, organization behavior, political science, and engineering to telecommunications public policy issues; comparative evaluation of domestic and international policy regimes; special emphasis on deregulatory policies, universal service, and complexity theory.

Academic journal articles include CommLaw Conspectus, Michigan State Law Review, Information Economic and Policy, Telecommunications Policy, and Journal of Media Economics. Books include The Crisis of Telecommunications Carrier Liability (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1999) and Making Universal Service Policy: Enhancing the Process Through Multidisciplinary Evaluation (coedited with S. Wildman and A. Hammond.) (Lawrence Erlbaum & Associates, 1999).