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Mark Deuze

Mark Deuze

Associate Professor,
Dept. of Telecommunications.

Radio-TV Center, Room 319
(812) 856-5884

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My research interests include the cultural and technological convergence of media culture in general and the creative industries in particular. This means that I am particularly interested in the professional identity of people working in the media - journalism, advertising and public relations, computer and video game development, film, radio and television, web design. These professionals are most directly affected by the society-wide trend towards a new kind if cultural production where the distinction between making and using media is disappearing.

The everyday issues affecting workers in the creative industries, such as a general lack of job security, rapid deskilling and reskilling processes, and an ongoing tension between trying to be creatively autonomous while at the same time being commercially viable, are increasingly felt by people working everywhere in today's economy. This makes the study of media professionals especially relevant if you want to understand the changes and challenges of our contemporary workstyle.

Life without work has become just as impossible and unfathomable as living without media. This is not necessarily a good (or bad) thing - it just the reality of our everyday lived experience. My research and teaching focuses on learning, understanding and thus individually influencing the interplay of life, work, and media - mastering the art of living inside each your own Truman Show, if you will.

A second key theme of my work focuses on this kind of life, a life completely immersed in media, where all our experiences are underpinned and overarched by media - a life lived in media; a media life.

If you want to do graduate work (MA and/or PhD level) and are interested in these topics and themes - particularly regarding media life and media work if you would be looking for my supervision - please contact me and/or our Director of Graduate Studies for more information. At IU, we can offer a select number of talented graduate students (at all levels) significant funding to work with faculty and conduct research.


My BA is in Journalism from the Fontys School for Journalism in Tilburg, The Netherlands, and I received an MPhil in History and Communication Studies from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, and my PhD in the Social Sciences is from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I spent most of 2003 in Los Angeles as a Fulbright scholar at the Annenberg School of Communication (of the University of Southern California in LA), and have been a visiting Fellow at the Centre for International Communications Research of the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom during Fall 2007. From 2007 to 2010 I had a joint appointment at the Department of Telecommunications of Indiana University and as Professor in Journalism and New Media (personal chair) at Leiden University in The Netherlands. As a visiting professor I have lectured at various schools and departments in the fields of journalism, communication and media in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


Publications of my work include a number of books, and articles in journals such as New Media & Society, Journalism Studies, the International Journal of Cultural Studies, The Information Society, and Media Culture & Society. For an overview of these publications, see the listing via Google Scholar.

Save most of my books, several key publications and working papers can be downloaded directly and for free from Indiana University’s open access digital repository IUScholarWorks. Below is a list of my books. If you are looking for a specific chapter from any of these works (for example to including in a reader or class materials), please contact me via e-mail, I would be happy to provide a PDF copy.

Deuze, M. (2011/2012), Media Life. Cambridge: Polity Press

Deuze, M. (ed.) (2010). Managing Media Work. London: Sage. The introductory chapter is available via IU ScholarWorks, chapters 2 (on media management theory) and 4 (on managing innovation and change) are available via Sage.

Deuze, M. (contracted). Beyond Journalism. Cambridge: Polity Press.

Deuze, M. (2008). Guerilla winkels, het SoCo Experiment en een volgende Big Bang. Leiden: Leiden University Press. Full text of this (Dutch language) book can be downloaded for free via IU Scholarworks.

Deuze, M. (2007). Media Work. Cambridge: Polity Press. Chapter five, on the profession of journalism, can be downloaded .

Blanken, H., Deuze, M. (2007). PopUp. Amsterdam: Atlas.

Deuze, M. (2004). Wat is Journalistiek? Amsterdam: Het Spinhuis.

Blanken, H., Deuze, M. (eds.) (2003). De Media Revolutie. Amsterdam: Boom. Two individual chapters of this (Dutch language) edited volume are available for free online. Download chapters on online journalism by Pleijter & Deuze; and on multimedia users by Van Driel.

Deuze, M. (2002). Journalists in The Netherlands. Amsterdam: Aksant/New Jersey: Transaction. Full text of this book available via the Digital Academic Repository of the University of Amsterdam.


At the Department of Telecommunications I generally teach the University Division-course Media Life (T101; open to all IU students), Global Media Issues (T413), and Creative Industries (class number varies) in some form or another.

On a graduate level, you can expect me to be teaching courses related to the history, organization and culture of media work (T505 Media Organizations). Especially in the 400-level courses, the issues as mentioned above will be the most important topics on the class agenda. Every couple of years or so I teach a music industry focused class based on a community service learning project in collaboration with Rhino's Youth Center and All-Ages Music Club in Bloomington, Indiana.

Media Life

In the period 2008-2012, most of my work is focused on the "Media Life" project. In this project, (undergraduate and graduate) students and I explore the theoretical, practical, and moral implications of life lived in, rather than with media. A working paper (dated: October 2009) on the media life perspective and project, co-authored with Peter Blank and Laura Speers, is archived online and can be downloaded via IU ScholarWorks. A Dutch language version (dated: September 2008, titled "Leven in Media") of this project is also available at IU ScholarWorks. A special presentation on the media life project can be viewed online at Slideshare. Of course, all comments are welcome, and I especially welcome applications of prospective graduate students (from all over the world) wanting to work with us on this exciting project. < /p>

Media Work

As my classes and studies are primarily focused on the working lives of media professionals and thus on media work in general, I consistently try to give students at Indiana and Leiden (and elsewhere) grounded and realistic advice on what it is like to work and to get (or keep) work in the creative industries in general, and the media in particular. It is perfectly possible to build a course list that will prepare for a career in the media. The best advice I can give you is not to pick courses because you think they will help you landing a job, but to pick courses about topics, issues, skills and competences that you -individually, personally- are deeply passionate about. As the media industry is a precarious, unpredictable, fast-changing and generally crazy place, the thing that will always keep you going is your own passion. Anything else will perhaps land you a job, but will not empower you to be creative, to do what you want to do, to be among those an organization cannot afford to let go when the next round of cost-cutting lay-offs comes around.

Please check out my Facebook profile page, my Twitter feed, and my weblog (Deuzeblog) for regular postings, tweets and annotated links to news related to life, work and careers in the media. I encourage students to contact me for information and feedback on internship and job opportunities, and especially appreciate it if professionals and/or alumni keep in touch to tell their story on working/living in the media.

For those who are looking for resources for finding jobs and internships in the media, please check the following websites listed below. Of course, take good care before contacting the addresses and people found here. Do not consider these links and organizations as my personal recommendations; these are just some often-mentioned websites in the US media industry for job- and internship seekers.


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Media (general)

Please contact me for more information on any of the issues mentioned on this page.