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Julia Fox

Julia Fox

Associate Professor,
Dept. of Telecommunications.

Radio-TV Center, Room 309
(812) 855-9935

jurfox 'at'

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Associate Professor, joined IU 2000. Member of the Graduate Faculty. Also Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction core faculty member. Ph.D. from Cornell University in Communication (1999); MPS in Communication from Cornell University (1991), BS Communication Arts from Cornell University (1983). Research and teaching interests: processing and effects of mediated messages, particularly memory for television news messages. Current projects include an examination of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a source of political information, which has received national media attention from MSNBC, CBS, NPR, AP, UPI, and Gannett News Service. Publications in Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, Communication Research, Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly, and Human Communication Research. Industry experience: on-air and management broadcast news positions, including stringer reporting for CNN, CBS, and UPI.

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