Indiana University
Amy Gonzales

Amy Gonzales

Assistant Professor,
The Media School

Radio-TV Center, Room 317
(812) 856-9051

gonzaamy 'at'

Amy Gonzales completed her PhD in Communication from Cornell in 2010. She has a MA from Cornell in Communication and a MA in Social Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research examines the effects that communication technologies have on individual identity, social support, and well-being. She is especially interested in these effects for people from disadvantaged communities. Recent studies have explored everyday use of social media in situ, as well as the effectiveness of new systems designed to improve physical and psychologicalwell being.

Areas of study: social media, human-computer interaction, computer-mediated communication, identity and self-presentation, digital publicness, social support online, technology use in marginalized communities.

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Ems, L., & Gonzales, A.L. (in press). Subculture-centered public health communication: A social media strategy. New Media & Society
  • Gonzales, A.L. (2015). Disadvantaged Minorities’ Use of the Internet to Expand their Social Networks. Communication Research, online ahead of print
  • Gonzales, A.L., Ems, L., & Suri, R. (2014). Cell phone disconnection disrupts access to healthcare and health resources: A technology maintenance perspective. New Media & Society, online ahead of print
  • Gonzales, A.L. (2014). Health benefits and barriers to cell phone use in low-income U.S. neighborhoods: Indications of technology maintenance. Mobile Media & Communication,2, 233-248.
  • Gonzales, A.L. (2014). Text-based communication influences self-esteem more than face-to-face or cellphone communication. Computers in Human Behavior, 39, 197-203.
  • Niederdeppe, J., Bigman, C., Gonzales, A., & Gollust, S. (2013). Communication About Health Disparities in the Mass Media. Journal of Communication, 63, 8-30.
  • Gonzales, A.L., & Hancock, J.T. (2011). Mirror, mirror on my Facebook wall: Effects of Facebook exposure on self-esteem. CyberPsychology, Behavior & Social Networks, 14, 79-83.
  • Gonzales, A.L., Hancock, J.T., & Pennebaker, J.W. (2010). Language style matching as a predictor of social dynamics in small groups. Communication Research, 37, 1-17.
  • Gonzales, A.L., & Hancock, J.T. (2008). Identity shift in computer-mediated environments. Media Psychology, 11, 167-185.

T101–Media Life
T205–Intro to Media and Society