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Norbert Herber

Norbert Herber

Dept. of Telecommunications.

Radio-TV Center, Room 344
(812) 855-1798

nherber 'at'

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Lecturer, joined IU 2002. B.M., Indiana University Bloomington, School of Music, 1996; M.S., Masters of Immersive Mediated Environments [MIME], Indiana University Bloomington, Telecommunications, 2000. Research and professional interests: the use of sound in interactive environments, nonlinear and experimental musical composition, Emergent Music a genre rooted in Artificial Life systems, and affects of the sound + picture relationship in both linear and non-linear media. Teaching interests: interactivity and new media, new media production, interactive audio & music composition. A composer and sound designer, he maintains an active list of projects producing music and sound elements for CD-ROM and Internet-based digital media. He is the co-author of ³Flash MX Savvy² (2002) and ³Flash MX 2004 Savvy² (2004), published by Sybex; and "Flash 8 Savvy" (2006) published by Wiley. Currently, Norbert is a PhD candidate in the Planetary Collegium through the University of Plymouth, UK.