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Norbert Herber

Norbert Herber

The Media School

Radio-TV Center, Room 344
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Norbert Herber Senior Lecturer, joined IU 2002. B.M., Indiana University Bloomington, School of Music, 1996; M.S., Indiana University Bloomington, Telecommunications, 2000. Ph.D, University of Plymouth, School of Art & Media, 2011. Norbert Herber is a musician and sound artist. His research explores the relationship between participants and sound within mediated environments. Norbert's artistic work can be described as Amergent music-an innovative generative style that uses artificial life systems to sustain continuous, real-time modification and adaptation. Using this approach he is focused on creating sound and music in digital environments for art, entertainment, and communications applications. His works have been performed and exhibited in Europe, Asia, South America, and in the United States. Current projects can be heard online at His teaching interests shift with current technology, but tend to revolve around playable media, game design & game audio, interactive music, sound design, and real-time data-driven synthesis.