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T351 Summer 2015 Lab #3


  • Intro to lab computers / Assign computers
  • Premiere or Media Composer / Editing tour
  • Continuity review
  • Pre-Production Elements (review Program Proposals, Treatments, and Scripts)
  • Edit Storyboard & Continuity sequence exercise

Misc. Announcements

Permere / Media Composer editing recap

Edit Storyboard / action Sequences. Be sure that they:

  • Are edited and output in HD
  • Start in black and end in black
  • Have at least one additional stereo audio track with at least one fade


Outputting your Storyboard / Action Sequences:

Export a full-size, self-contained Quicktime Movie (H.264 codec 1920x1080 pixels) saved as your IU login name, and place it in your IUBox folder saved as your username_continuity. Be sure not to include color bars, countdown, a slate, or extraneous amounts of black at the beginning or end of your piece. However do be sure to name the movie your username_continuity. (jarkraus_continuity.mov for example)

Don't forget to write a one-page (minimum) critique, which is due before the start of our next class. The critique is worth 5 points. Be sure to address:

  • production quality
  • continuity & sequencing
  • overall success (or lack of)


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