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T600 Producer's Logbook

UITS Cyberinfrastructure Building (CIB) Video

The CIB is a building that was just dedicated. It is being built at 10th & the bypass at the new technology park. It will house UITS employees, who have never had a permanent, dedicated building.


  • Video to show at groundbreaking (yesterday) to provide brief history and context
  • High-visibility video with a quick turn around time (about 3 weeks)
  • had time for 1.5 days of shooting
  • I was to produce, edit and author DVD
  • Shot on XDCam (tapeless)
  • Was to be delivered on SD DVD

Pre-production: Extremely important. The RTV crew was extremely busy and only available 1-2 days. It had to be done right the first time.

Scheduling was first

First 1.5 weeks devoted to pre-production: developing the script, planning the shoots, and acquiring architectural models, photos and other images.

Only had RTV crew for 1.5 days of shooting. Would also have a single narration session at my studio. (Always schedule a rain date.)

We had to schedule talent and access to secure buildings and spaces.

This was followed by 1 week of editing. The last 3 days (not typically disclosed to the client) were for the *unexpected*.

Script: The script started like this: Version 1 (PDF) and ended up like this: Version 6 (PDF). Note version numbers and date in top left hand corner.

There are many differences between writing for print and writing for video. (Look at the change of dialog and structural differences) I prefer to work with 2 column scripts. WIth these I can easily extract a shot list.

Storyboards: All continuity sequences are storyboarded (Eg. truck driver sequence at beginning and end).

Imagery: Also had to acquire many images, photos, and videos for montages and B-roll.

Production: Shooting went smoothly. Jason Pear is an excellent cameraman and we had 2 good grips (Aut & Gene). Get us some latte's, please! We shot on XDCam.

Shoot info & shot sheet (PDF)

Used a dolly. I planned for subtle movement throughout. Most moves are R-L.

Had fun and had to improvise. (stopping cars, etc.)

A few times I had to shield my cameraperson so he could do what he did best (explain). Once must always be diplomatic.

Recorded narration at my studio. I've gotten in the habit of not just using people with good voices- but people who can act.

Post-Production: I edited the project at my studio. I made graphic animations with Adobe After Effects. (I got to break in the latest version of AE, which was twice as fast!)

Note about HD quality and newspaper stories. - The project was originally planned for delivery on SDTV DVD. Halfway through editing, the UITS tech team told me that they could play back HD for the event. This impacted the newspaper stories.

Expecting the unexpected - It's a good thing we planned for some extra time at the end. (Last minute changes, and more changes, and even more....)

5 stages of Grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance)

#1 rule is to please the client. Sometimes sacrifices must be made.

Polished video levels (high-contrast scene), transitions, music, dialog....

Final Touches: Also handled DVD authoring and outputting clips for the web.

At the end I made sure all was completed to satisfaction. (Watching HDCam dubs, labeled the DVDs.)

The best part was experiencing the reception of the video at the dedication. The client loved it. The audience responded very well, and we all received many congratulations for it.


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