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T600 Presentation

A (tiny) bit of background

I teach, write, shoot, edit, produce, manage, take pictures, compose & play music....

Over my time at IU, I've been fortunate to work on a number of projects for WTIU.

  • Season of the Cicada (a special edition of the Friday Zone)
  • Elkinsville: Washed Away by Progress
  • Expressions featuring Tamar Kander
  • Expressions featuring Krista Detor
  • Wilderness Plots - Songs and Stories from the Prairie
  • UITS CIB Groundbreaking video
  • American Horizons: The Photography of Art Sinsabaugh

I've also done work for America's Most Wanted, the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, various singer songwriters, Bloom Magazine....

Whenever possible I try to get students involved in projects. Every semester I bring not-for-profit clients into the classroom to produce Public Service Announcements and informational videos.

I was already familiar with Brown County (directly to the east of us) from writing/producing Elkinsville: Washed Away by Progress. It's also a place I've visited often.

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