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T600 Presentation

Working with People / Talent

  • Interviewed about 23 people (used all but 3)
  • Some were surprise gems:
    • Tom Adler - The bluegrass historian I met out in Bean Blossom
    • Colonel Jim Peva - personal friend of Bill Monroe. Former curator of the Bluegrass Musuem.
    • Gold Prospector Thomas Smith - Gold Prospector
    • Chad Williams - Sheriff's Deputy
  • Usually started with a phone conversation (pre-interview, what to expect and what to wear)
  • Some aren't used to being on camera
  • Always make them feel comfortable and appreciated
  • Really enjoyed getting to know everyone I met
  • Took a lot of people out to lunch

Some were interviews, others were interview & B-roll (footage of them at work)

  • Need 1 hour of lighting/audio setup - Need to take this into account when scheduling
  • 15 - 30 minutes of interview (some lasted 45-55 minutes)
    • Get signed release
    • Check appearances / fine tune lighting
    • Start with spelling of his/her name and title
    • Might need "ice-breaker" question
    • Use open-ended questions
    • Don't interrupt - always wait an extra few seconds
    • Listen carefully to the responses (They might lead you to another angle.)
    • Consider B-roll
    • Ask if they have anything to add
  • B-roll

Bruce Taggart interview (one of my favorite interviews)

Other people's favorite segments seem to be Gold Prospecting & the Sheriff's Office.

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