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T600 Producer's Logbook

What Producers Do

In the broadest of terms, producers oversee all aspects of a video production. They must be able to do it all, know enough about all the steps to be able to guide the process and make it all work.

Producers must know the essence of a good production. What makes good narration or dialog. They must know visual design and be sensitive to nuances of lighting and the impact of varying font faces.They must know how long it takes to complete tasks, from lighting a scene to shooting an interview.

Producers make schedules, coordinate and motivate. They talk to strangers and get them do things they’ve never done. Producers should be able to draw the best work out of all crew and talent.

Producers are ultimately responsible for making sure the project looks and sounds good, gets finished on time, doesn’t go over budget, and that all stakeholders are pleased.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to do this and to have fun doing it.

It’s interesting working for different clients: businesses, musicians, service organizations, and academic institutions. A few of my clients include:

  • America's Most Wanted
  • Encounters with the Unexplained
  • FBI
  • General Electric
  • Hector Engineering
  • Hutton Honors College
  • Mel Bay Music Publishing
  • Options for Better Living
  • School of Optometry
  • UITS
  • WTIU

Though clients vary, the approach is generally similar. (Production planning form). The most interesting aspect is getting to know the different organizations and learning about their work. Working for the School of Optometry, one can learn about the latest innovations in optic technology. Working for America's Most Wanted you can learn the elements of a stakeout.

Each client requires a unique approach that is personalized to his or her specific needs. Itneractions with artists are much different that those with the FBI.

What do I do? Just about everything.

  • Write and edit scripts
  • Light people and rooms
  • Sound design
  • Shoot video and still images
  • Edit
  • Make graphics
  • Author DVDs
  • Offer turn-key, hassle free production
  • Produce (all of the above)

Student Involvement - What's fun is when I can get my students involved in projects.

Synergy – The Telecom Dept is fortunate to share a building with Radio TV Services. There are many interesting and educational opportunities for students. It's been great getting to know them better and work with them over the years. They have presented many interesting projects for our studnets.

RTV Services employs many of our students and former students. They are put to work producing news and magazine shows, children’s programming, documentaries, and projects for business clients.

Some are paid hourly
Some are taking T437 WTIU Production Workshop
Some are interns
A few are independent study

Outside of this, some of our Design & Production classes produce content for WTIU through:

Ron’s Documentary class
My Cinematography class

Examples will come later in this presentation.

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