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T600 Producer's Logbook

What do Producers Do?

Producers oversee all aspects of a video production.

  • structuring
  • planning
  • writing
  • scheduling
  • lighting
  • audio production
  • video production
  • graphic/visual design
  • legal clearances
  • editing
  • publicity
  • finishing
  • delivering

They must be able to do all of the tasks- or delegate to get them done.

Producers must know the essence of a good production. What makes good narration and a compelling story. They must know when to use a talking head or when to have just music and pictures. The must be versed in visual design and sensitive to nuances of lighting. They must know how long it takes to complete tasks, from lighting a scene to shooting an interview.

Producers make schedules, coordinate and motivate. They talk to strangers and get them do things they’ve never done. Producers should be able to draw the best work out of all crew and talent.

Producers are ultimately responsible for making sure the project looks and sounds good, gets finished on time, doesn’t go over budget, and that all stakeholders are pleased.

What do you need to get started on a production?

Know your audience

Know your objective

These two things are important. There are other things as well- most of them are contained in a program proposal:

  • title
  • audience
  • objective
  • description (length, production approach)
  • venue
  • timeframe
  • budget

Spirit of Brown County had a set purpose, length and audience.

Focus on:

  • history
  • art
  • culture
  • beauty

Length: 60 minutes (56:46)

Audience: area residents (including Brown County)


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