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T600 Producer's Logbook

Student-produced Service Videos (non-fiction)

In T356 we spend one week every spring and fall semester producing public service announcements for not-for-profit organizations. Working with the Office of Service Learning, we're able to work with more organizations than ever before.

Youtube Links to Student Samples of Service videos:

T356 - Coby Slagle’s WFHB PSA

T356 - Jeremy Davis Wonderlab PSA

T540 - Austin Lord – Jill’s House:

T540 - Austin Lord – Hilltop:

In T351 students can produce longer-form videos. In the recent past T351 students have produced videos for:

  • Monroe County Public Library (new volunteer video)
  • Community Foundation of Monroe County (informational/development)
  • Lotus Education and Arts Foundation (volunteer/development)
  • WFHB (volunteer)
  • WTIU/WFIU (development)
  • IU Office of Sustainability (informational)

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