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T600 Presentation

Technical Requirements for Broadcast & Delivery

Needed to create two versions of the hour-long program:

  • Broadcast/DVD/PBS (exactly 56:46)
  • Membership campaign with three beaks (with segues/bumpers)

Legal - Needed to have legal integrity. I had to get about 100 releases for people appearing on camera. Needed license releases for music (from performers & music libraries) and also for images (photos and paintings from places like the Lilly Library and the Indiana State Museum).

Producers always need to think about the legal logistics anytime existing intellectual property is being used.

Credits - Needed two versions of the credits. One with the DVD/Bluray offer for the broadcast version. One without the offer (fo rthe membership campaign).

Bumpers/Segues - The membership campaign versions has breaks when they go to pledges. To get out of the show and back into it you use a bumper.

Technical - Shot almost all footage with a Canon XF305 (4:2:2 colorspace at 50 Mbps). A little was captured with a Canon 5D MkIII. I edited on an Avid Media Composer at DNxHD145 & DNxHD220. This is about 1 minute per GB to 1.5 minutes per GB. (FYI I switched from Final Cut Pro. This was my 1st project edited on a Media Composer. Edited "Elkinsville: Washed Away by Progress" on an XPress about 8 years ago.)

  • Had to transcode all of the footage (backed up in three different places)
  • Really liked the Media Composer software- especially its color finishing procedure.
  • I've been teaching my T351 students how to use it.

All audio video levels had to be within legal broadcast specifications. Video IRE levels must be from 0-100. Average audio dialog level had to be -20 dB.

I used a BlackMagic Designs Ultrascope for this.

Had to make:

  • Video DVDs & Blu-ray discs (with extras) Also needed to determine things like menus, chapter markers and descriptions)
  • Trailer/Promo
  • Work with RTVS to design DVD box, posters, and develop web content
  • Work with RTVS to develop Press Release and News Article
  • Website extras
  • Create screening event, catering, invite list

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