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Archiving with FInal Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro's Media Manager provides a way to archive your project or move it to a different location. It can be a good way to reduce the overall size of your project by getting rid of unused media. Here's a quickie lesson on how to use it:

  1. Hook up a drive large enough to store your project. While this can be over the network, the faster the connection the quicker MM can work.
  2. Go to FCP's Browser window and highlight the sequence(s) you'd like to keep. You can also Command-click clips and titles if you want to move them as well. Note that all of the media in your selected sequences will be moved.
  3. With the components selected, select Media Manager from the File Menu
  4. Look under the Media section of the MM window. By default is should say "Copy" media referenced by duplicate items. If not be sure to change this.
  5. Click on "include render files" (unless you want to re-render everything).
  6. Under the "Media Destination" section, browse for a destination. You'll likely want to make a folder new folder (E.g. "Project name" archive).

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