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Fall 2014 Real-World & Service Learning Clients

Nothing provides a richer learning experience than working with an actual client. The people and organizations below would like IU Telecom classes and students to produce videos for them.

T354 & T356 students - The following organizations would like to have 30 or 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) produced for them:

  1. IU Student Advocates Office - They would like an informational PSA drawing attention to the service they provide to victims of sexual assault. Contact Sally Jones, 812-855-0761, sejones [at] indiana.edu
  2. The Kinsey Institute would like a PSA on sexual health. Contact: Jennifer Bass, 812-855-3037, jbass [at] indiana.edu.
  3. Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market - Interested in making a short - 2-4 minute film to assist in fundraising for the Healthful Food for All Fund. Contact: Janice Lilly, janicelilly@alumni.iu.edu
  4. IU Office of Sustainability Peak informational video - They would like a PSA promoting a newfree App, which tracks their electricity usage. Contact: Emilie Rex, 812-855-2678, ekrex [at] indiana.edu
  5. La Casa, Lillian Casillas-Origel, mlcasill [at] indiana.edu
  6. Hoosiers for a Common Sense Health Plan- This group would like a PSA on medicade expansion. Contact: Robert Stone and Karen Green Stone, grostone [at] gmail.com
  7. Council for Community Accessibility (CCA), PSA for March/April Disability Awareness Month, Herron, Katherine, kgherron [at] indiana.edu
  8. SCCAP Head Start - Contacts are Emily Rearson (ACE), emrairdo [at] imail.iu.edu & Anna Donley, annad [at] insccap.org
  9. Bloomington Office of Economic Development and Sustainability - Would like several PSAs. The contact is Jacqui Bauer, bauerj [at] bloomington.in.gov
    1. To encourage students to donate items they no longer need to the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale when they move.
    2. To encourage students to upload their energy data to a new online rental housing website that will include information on utility costs.
    3. To support the Civil Streets program
  10. Monroe County Community Foundation - Contact: Marcus Whited, marcus [at] cfbmc.org
  11. LifeDesigns, Inc Contact: Susan Rinne (srinne [at] lifedesignsinc.org) and Stephanie Shelton (sshelton [at] lifedesignsinc.org.
  12. Downtown Recycling Center - PSA on a volunteer campaign to help staff the site, Chad Roeder, chadroeder [at] gmail.com
  13. Lawns for Life. The contact is Diane Jung: jung [at] indiana.edu
  14. The Hub - Contact: Amanda Nickey, amanda@mhcfoodpantry.org

T351 Students - The following organizations would like longer, more in-depth videos:

  • PALS (People & Animal Learning Services) http://palstherapy.org
    PALS would like several videos produced (see list below). The contact is Erin Stottlemyer, Advocate for Community Engagemen, People and Animal Learning Services (PALS), (765)-639-2589, erinstot [at] umail.iu.edu
    • Highlight the new facility.
      Goal: A video to showcase the new facilities.
      Use: To show families, potential riders, volunteers and donors. Possibly a virtual tour video to place on the PALS website.
    • Redo the volunteer video.
      Goal: A video to show the program, roles volunteers play and allow current volunteers to share their experiences.
      Use: Recruitment of new volunteers and potential donors.
    • Program video.
      Goal: Showcase our many programs, footage of the programs in action.
      Use: To show families, potential riders, volunteers and donors.
  • IU Office of Sustainability Peak informational video - They would like a short video focusing on reducing peak electricity demand. Peak demand is a 30 minute time span in a one month period when IU's demand for electricity jumps to a high point or is at its maximum for the month. IU is charged around $19 per kW during the 30 minute time span and thus peak can be extremely expensive for IU. Contact: Emilie Rex, 812-855-2678, ekrex [at] indiana.edu
  • Monroe County United Ministries (MCUM) provides high-quality, affordable childcare to low-income families and emergency assistance to households in financial crisis. MCUM will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2014, and they are hoping to create a 5-7 minute video in honor of this milestone. They'd like to incorporate interviews with a few key supporters (current & former board members, the executive director, etc.), footage from their emergency services and childcare programs, and images from MCUM’s history. The contact is Kate Zilvinskis ( development@mcum.org ) 827 West 14th Court
    Bloomington, Indiana 47404 (812) 339-3429 x15
  • New Leaf - New Life - This organization offers services to Monroe County inmates including addiction counseling, GED prep classes, job hunting help, and creative writing classes. See Jim if you're interested in this.
  • "Getting it-Providing treatment to the mentally ill in Indiana" (working title) will focus on the impact suicide has on the families of victims and the hope of mandated outpatient treatment offered by Kendra's Law. Contact: Miriam Greenburg, mgermd@ gmail.com, (812) 723-5161 (please leave a message if not answered.).
  • Herman B Wells Project - They need a number of fun, short videos of archival clips interspersed with music to help keep the memory and vision of Herman B Wells alive. See examples below. The videos would be made available through the website:


    Bob Ross:

    Julia Child:

    Mister Rogers:

    Barack Obama:

    Contact: Brian Kearney, Gift Planning Director
    Arthur M. Lotz Office for Alumni-Development
    IU Maurer School of Law--Bloomington
    (812) 856-1246
  • Indiana Diving Academy - They would like a cool promotional video, something similar to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoIhC0uTWlc . Contact: Justin Davis justinpatrickdavis@gmail.com (Camp Director), Indiana Diving Academy, Assembly Hall (317)-612-4737
  • The Kinsey Institute is seeking videographers to produce short videos at and about the Institute staff and projects. The goal is to substantially increase the offerings on the Kinsey Institute Youtube channel. Ideas include:
    • “’Sex Toys:’ Novelty items from the Kinsey Institute collections”
    • “Condom tips and techniques”
    • “Meet the Kinsey Institute staff” (could be more than one)
    • “Couples research: What’s sex got to do with it?”
    • “Kinsey art gallery”

    Other ideas will certainly pop up over the semester, and students can also propose their own. Contact: Jennifer Bass, 812-855-3037 & jbass@indiana.edu .

T351 and T356 students: The contacts at the Service-Learning Program are:

  • Nicole Schönemann - nschonem@indiana.edu
  • Andrew Libby - alibby@indiana.edu



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