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Fall 2015 Real-World & Service Learning Clients

Nothing provides a richer learning experience than working with an actual client. The people and organizations below would like IU Telecom classes and students to produce videos for them.

T354 & T356 students - The following organizations would like to have 30 or 60-second public service announcements (PSAs) produced for them:

  1. IU Student Advocates Office - They would like an informational PSA drawing attention to the service they provide to victims of sexual assault. Contact Sally Jones, 812-855-0761, sejones [at] indiana.edu
  2. Bloomington Winter Farmers’ Market - Interested in making a short - 2-4 minute film to assist in fundraising for the Healthful Food for All Fund. Contact: Janice Lilly, janicelilly@alumni.iu.edu
  3. IU Office of Sustainability Energy Challenge - They would like a PSA promoting the Energy Challenge. Contact: Kristen Brethova, 812-855-2678, brethova [at] indiana.edu
  4. Hoosiers for a Common Sense Health Plan- This group would like a PSA on medicade expansion. Contact: Robert Stone and Karen Green Stone, grostone [at] gmail.com
  5. Council for Community Accessibility (CCA), PSA for March/April Disability Awareness Month, Herron, Katherine, kgherron [at] indiana.edu
  6. SCCAP Head Start - Contacts are Emily Rearson (ACE), emrairdo [at] imail.iu.edu & Anna Donley, annad [at] insccap.org
  7. Bloomington Office of Economic Development and Sustainability - Would like several PSAs. The contact is Jacqui Bauer, bauerj [at] bloomington.in.gov
    1. To encourage students to donate items they no longer need to the Hoosier Community Sale when they move.
    2. To encourage students to upload their energy data to a new online rental housing website that will include information on utility costs.
    3. To support the Civil Streets program
  8. Monroe County Community Foundation - Contact: Marcus Whited, marcus [at] cfbmc.org
  9. LifeDesigns, Inc Contact: Susan Rinne (srinne [at] lifedesignsinc.org) and Stephanie Shelton (sshelton [at] lifedesignsinc.org.
  10. Downtown Recycling Center - PSA on Operations and Community Benefit of the DBRC. Contact: Chad Roeder, chadroeder [at] gmail.com
  11. Lawns for Life. The contact is Diane Jung: jung [at] indiana.edu
  12. The Hub - Contact: Amanda Nickey, amanda@mhcfoodpantry.org

T351 Students - The following organizations would like longer, more in-depth videos:

  • The Bloomington Parks & Recreation Department would like two separate videos:
    • Leonard Springs Nature Day and Griffy Lake Nature Day Video. Description: The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department facilitates a two programs in collaboration with MCCSC where 4th graders visit Griffy Lake Nature Preserve and 6th graders visit Leonard Springs Nature Park for a day of outdoor learning. The students rotate through stations related to our south central natural heritage while meeting state Science standards and getting them excited to pursue future career options in the life sciences. Prior to the park visit, our natural resource staff visits each 4th and 6th grade classroom to share information about their upcoming field trip. We would like to have short, separate videos to present to the students during these visits. The videos should be brief, efficient, and most importantly, engaging for the students. It should introduce what the students will learn, the rules and expectations during their time in the park, and the people involved in facilitating the program. We want this video to help our staff get the 4th and 6th graders excited about a fun day of learning at Griffy and Leonard Springs Nature Parks.
    • Trail Etiquette Campaign Video. The Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department continues to expand their multi-purpose trail system and bicyclists, strollers, runners, and dog walkers come in droves to use them. Knowing good trail etiquette prevents injury and makes the experience on trails enjoyable for everyone. Bloomington Parks and Recreation is launching a trail etiquette campaign to communicate basic trail use tips such as: use safe speeds, keep right-pass left, standing still? stand aside, mind your pets, be alert, know and follow the rules. We would like to have a short video illustrating these tips to share on our web site and throughout our campaign.
    • Contacts: Kim Ecenbarger
      Special Services Coordinator
      City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation
      PO Box 848
      Bloomington, IN 47402
    • Other contacts: Danielle Bolling (dcbollin@umail.iu.edu), Justyce Weeden (jweeden@umail.iu.edu), Elizabeth Tompkins (tompkine@bloomington.in.gov)

  • Meals on Wheels - Meals on Wheels has been chosen as a recipient charity for funds raised by the local event 100 Men Who Cook, sponsored by the Bloomington Hospital Foundation and ONB. http://bloomington100menwhocook.org/about-100-men-who-cook-2/

    The video would serve to be informational and inspirational. We would want to tell our story (who we are, what we do, our impact on the local community and our clients lives, etc) The audience would be potential donors and sponsors of the event. The video would be shown prior to the event (Nov/Dec 2015) to entice sponsors and donors (thru web link and meetings) and then again at the event itself for all attendees.(April/May 2016) It would be a short video (3-5 minutes?)

    Contact: Kathy Romy, Executive Director Bloomington Meals on Wheels
    727 West First St PO Box 1149 Bloomington, IN 47402
    812.353.2248 (o) 812.353.2246 (fax) www.bloomingtonmealsonwheels.org

  • IU Office of Sustainability - informational videos - They would like a few short videos Contact: Kristen Brethova for more information: 812-855-2678, brethova [at] indiana.edu
  • Lotus Education & Arts Foundation: Lotus Blossoms Informational video. Objective: To tell the story and show the impact of the Lotus Blossoms program - which is two-fold - educational programs with multi-cultural artists in area schools/community and our 20th Bazaar. Contact: Loraine Martin, outreach director. loraine@lotusfest.org
    812-336-6599 office
  • Monroe County United Ministries (MCUM) provides high-quality, affordable childcare to low-income families and emergency assistance to households in financial crisis. MCUM will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2014, and they are hoping to create a 5-7 minute video in honor of this milestone. They'd like to incorporate interviews with a few key supporters (current & former board members, the executive director, etc.), footage from their emergency services and childcare programs, and images from MCUM’s history. The contact is Kate Zilvinskis ( development@mcum.org ) 827 West 14th Court
    Bloomington, Indiana 47404 (812) 339-3429 x15
  • New Leaf - New Life - This organization offers services to Monroe County inmates including addiction counseling, GED prep classes, job hunting help, and creative writing classes. They would like an informational/awareness video. Contact: Justyce Weeden, jweeden@umail.iu.edu.
  • El Centro Communal - (Not sure of exact project/need) Contact: Harlene Haro, elcentrocomunal@gmail.com
  • Mother Hubbard's Cupboard: (Not sure of exact project/need) Contact: Amanda Nickey, amanda@mhcfoodpantry.org
  • Herman B Wells Project - They need a number of fun, short videos of archival clips interspersed with music to help keep the memory and vision of Herman B Wells alive. See examples below. The videos would be made available through the website:


    Bob Ross:

    Julia Child:

    Mister Rogers:

    Barack Obama:

    Contact: Brian Kearney, Gift Planning Director
    Arthur M. Lotz Office for Alumni-Development
    IU Maurer School of Law--Bloomington
    (812) 856-1246

T351 and T356 students: The contacts at the Service-Learning Program are:

  • Nicole Schönemann - nschonem@indiana.edu



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