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T351 Camera Practice Test Procedure

Working in groups of four, each should perform these tasks:

  1. Set up tripod & level the legs. If it has one, adjust the ball head to make it level.
  2. Attach camera plate to camera
  3. Attach camera plate to tripod & make sure camera is secure.
  4. Put battery in camera
  5. Power camera
  6. Set the format (DV or HDV)
  7. If using standard definition (DV), select 4x3 or 16x9 from menu
  8. Inset blank tape into deck
  9. Set time code to 01:00:00:00
  10. Record 30 seconds of color bars
  11. Switch input to camera
  12. Check all switches for proper position. (Gain at 0, shutter off etc.)
  13. Set WB filter to proper setting (A/B/Preset)
  14. White balance under the proper lighting conditions if you are using A or B
  15. Have your partner stand 6-8 feet in front of camera. Record them talking for 20 seconds.
  16. Rotate with your partners
  17. Playback tape and check your work. How do your shots look? Could you hear the audio? Did you set the time code properly?
  18. When you have completed these steps you may continue on with the field shoot exercise.


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