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Spring 2009 T351 - Internet Exercise

There are some great resources for editors on the Internet. User groups, bulletin boards and tech forums are good places to ask questions and find solutions to troubling problems. This exercise takes you through some good sites for Final Cut Pro.


Start a new document in Text Edit or your favorite word processor. Put your name at the top. Write (or cut and paste) the questions along with your answers in the document. Please format it so it looks nice. When finished, please email a copy to the instructor and to our AI. Save a copy for yourself.

Part 1 - 2-Pop

Go to 2-Pop Forums at http://www.2-popforums.com/forums/

Once you’re there, check out all of the forums. The FCP forum should be at the top of the list. Go there and find answers to the following questions:

  1. Who wrote the "General Hardware/Software Mega FAQ" and "Final Cut Pro FAQ"?
  2. Look for any question within the Final Cut Pro forum you find interesting. Write down the title of the thread AND include the URL.
    • Title:
    • URL:
  3. Go to any other forum you find interesting at 2-pop.Write down the title of any thread you find interesting AND include the URL.
    • Title:
    • URL:

Part 2 - Creative Cow

Go to creativecow.net. It has far more posts, useful info and great tutorials. Once you're there, check out the top menu bar which has links to Forums, Tutorials, Magazine, Training, Books, Podcast, etc. Click on the "Forums" link on the left hand side. You should see a huge list of forums. Select the Apple Final Cut Pro forum (not the FCP Basics). Change your view to be two weeks and find out:

  1. Who are the FCP Forum leaders? (These are the ones who generally provide on-the-mark answers when no one else can.)
  2. Look for any question within the Final Cut Pro forum you find interesting. Write down the title of the thread AND include the URL.
    • Title:
    • URL:

Click on the "Tutorials" link in the top menu bar. This will take you to a page where you can:

    • Search the Library
    • See a list of featured tutorials
    • Browse by category
  1. Take a look at Richard Harrington's "Trashing Preferences" FCP tutorial. What does he suggest users do when Final Cut Pro becomes flakey?

Check out the search box near the top of the main tutorial page. Type in "film look" into the search box. You should get a list of articles, of particular interest is "Looking for film look? Shoot like film!" and the article, "Getting the 'Film Look' on a Low Budget Video" by Doug Graham.

  1. What are a few ways I can make my video look more like film?

Part 3 -  Ken Stone's FCP pages

Ken Stone has an incredible collection of FCP-related articles and tutorials on his website, http://www.kenstone.net/. Go there and click on the Final Cut Pro link at the top of the page.

  1. Find any article that interests you for #8. Write down the title and its corresponding URL for #8.
    • Article title:
    • URL:

Part 4 - Apple & Miscellaneous

Next navigate to Apple’s own support area at.

  1. Go to Apple support. Click on the "discussions" link at the top of the page. Look under the "Pro Applications: Video" heading and click on the Final Cut Pro forum, then on to Final Cut Pro forum. Check out the system they use to show if a question has been answered or not. (They use a green star if the question has been answered) Look for any question that interests you. Write the question and corresponding answer down for #9.
    • Question:
    • URL:
  2. You’ve just finished editing a project and your client wants to send a copy to her mother in Zimbabwe and brother in France. Use one of the Worldwide Television Standards links at the bottom of this page to find out what the correct format is:


France: _____________________

  1. Find a new resource for video editors on the web or share your favorite:
    • Site name:
    • URL:

International Television Standards:


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