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T351 Drama / Storytelling Project

Overview: Your Drama / Storytelling project can range from 3 to 5 minutes and includes both pre-production and production work. You will produce this project with 1 or 2 partners. Everyone will submit a story treatment and pitch an idea in lab. Once stories are chosen, each team must create a *script.

*Before you shoot any footage, your project must be scripted using either a 2-column or a drama style format with corresponding storyboards. (Everyone should consider storyboarding pivotal scenes.)

Editing: In order for everyone to tell the story in his or her own way, students have the option of either turning in their own edited version or collaborating and participating equally in the post-production phase. Individual edits are expected. *If* your group wants to share in the edit process you must contact the instructor in advance and provide your strategy for how your group will collaborate with the editing. (One person could create graphics, another could carry out sound design, etc.)

Notes: A good storyteller will always make us want to know what will happen next. Characters should be clearly motivated. Think of the classic story structures you studied in T206. A story is structured around some sort of conflict and has a beginning, middle and end (don't leave us hanging- this is a cop out). Films are often structured into a three act structure. In Act 1 you might introduce the characters and conflict. Act 2 can be used to build to the primary conflict. Act 3 can be used to resolve the conflict and story.

Each scene in your story should either develop the character or push the story along.

It is strongly recommended that your story does not start with someone getting up and trying to figure out what they did the night before or realizing that they are late for class. :-)

This project is worth 60 points, broken down as follows:

  • 10 points: Your original Pre-production work, which includes a program proposal & a treatment. (Individually graded)
  • 10 points: Polished script & any other pre-production materials (shot sheets, location sketches, floor plans, etc.. (Group grade)
  • 35 points: Production (25 points for shooting/lighting + 10 points for editing)
  • 5 points - Critique - Be sure to address the overall success and crew participation.

You wll turn in:

  • Project Proposal (find details here) and treatment
  • Detailed Script (either two-column or drama style with storyboards)
  • Talent/location/intellectual property releases (copies of originals are OK). Make sure your project has legal integrity. That way you can enter competitions and use it for your professional reel. Please note which audio tracks you used and their source.
  • Miscellaneous supporting material: Production schedule, footage logs, shot/location lists, sketches, storyboards etc.
  • Final program delivered as an HD Quicktime file
  • Critique

All your materials (excluding footage logs) should be typed and neatly presented.

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