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T351 Keyable Graphic Exercise

10 points

Overview: You'll make a keyable graphic (title or lower third for example) for either a MCU interview shot or a scene of your Storyboard/Continuity project.

Design a keyable graphic for your project. It should contain:

  • At least one text element
  • At least one shape
  • At least one other visual element (image, design, etc.)

Be sure to follow the rules of design (See Jim's Graphic Tips).

When you are finished do two things:

  1. Place a 1920 x 1080 (full-raster HD) single-layer PNG (with some transparency) saved as your IU login name (mine would be jarkraus.png) in the T351 Oncourse/Resources/Graphics folder. (7 points)
  2. Import it into Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere over some video. How does it look? You can move it around a bit if needed. When you are finished, output a JPEG frame (1920 x 1080) called your IU login name (mine would be jarkraus.jpg) and copy it into the Oncourse/resources/Graphics folder as well (3 points)

If you want some HD MCUs to use for lower thirds, you can find a zipped file here.




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