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T351 Week 8 - Spring 2014


  • Reality Check
  • Midterm

Reality Check:

  • Final Projects - Final Project proposals and treatments were due by the start of lecture this week. (Turned in via Oncourse). I'd like to meet with each of you individually sometime in the next few weeks about your individual projects.
  • This week we'll look at your Interview/Feature Stories starting at about 10:00 AM. Remember they need to be exactly either 2 or 3-minutes. Do NOT include the slate in your timing. Also, for a short interview/feature story, you should not have a lengthy title sequence, jump cuts, or rolling, ending credits. It's also bad form to put yourself more than a few times in the credits. (I might have "Produced by _______" artfully keyed over the video somewhere near the beginning or very end.) Work minimal titles into your project tastefully and appropriately.
  • No lab next week. Take the time to work on & finish your Art Videos. Your Art Video storyboard or script should be turned in via Oncourse by the start of lab this week. We'll look at your Art Videos right after Spring Break (starting at about 10 AM)
  • Drama/Storytelling pieces. You'll pitch these the week you come back from Spring Break. Everyone should submit a proposal and treatment (via Oncourse) by the start of lab the week after Spring Break. This component will be individually graded. Please be prepared to quickly & succinctly pitch your story idea. We will choose teams and projects. Once you decide on a project, your group needs to submit one completed, polished script. Supporting materials (E.g. shot sheets, schedules) will earn you brownie points. Your group will share a grade for this- so be sure it's solid!

What makes a first-rate video?

  • Every shot and sound is there for a reason.
  • The message and storyline are clear
  • All of the audio and visual elements are top notch.
  • There is no fixing it in the edit. What you shoot is what you have to work with. Do it thoroughly and right the first time. Make sure your audio is clean, your video is well lit, and framed. Make sure every single edit is motivated and that your video has a consistent look and feel.
  • You have everything it takes to make a great video.

Lab ---------

Review & critique Interview Feature Stories

  • Start a new text doc
  • Save it as your IU login / username
  • As you review your classmates' work, write down two things that were working (strongest elements) & two things that could've been improved (weakest elements).
  • Put a copy in Oncourse "Peer Critiques" folder (under your T351 resources link). Make sure it's saved as your IU login / username.


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