T354 Midterm Project

Propose and create an animation lasting at least 30 seconds in length. Your animation should be original, creative and professional looking. It should take advantage of the After Effects environment and serve as an excellent addition to your student portfolio. It should incorporate sound and have some correlation between the audible and visual components.

You may not use other people's sounds or images in your own work without permission. If you do use other people's intellectual property, please identify and address this in your critique.

Possible Ideas: a short animated story, a 30 second commercial or public service announcement, a promo or an opening title sequence for a show, a political message, or an opening for your demo reel or DVD project.


Your project must contain original artwork and a soundtrack. While you should save a copy at full resolution for your demo reel, turn in a square pixel, full-size H.264 version for the assignment. (For example 4:3 projects might be saved at 640 x 480. 16x9 projects could be saved at 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720)

The proposal and design for your project will be presented in class at least one week before the final projects are due.

For your Midterm Project you will turn in:

Suggestions: Remember also to follow the guidelines for composing good graphics. (using contrast to separate foregound & background elements, adherance to the safe text area, etc.). Fade up from black at the beginning and fade out at the end. Make sure any on-screen text is clear and on long enough to read.

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