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T354 - Week 8 - Spring 2015


  • Tuesday: Take quiz & work on mid-term projects.
  • Thursday - Review midterm projects. Critique your fellow students' work.


All of the homework projexts require ORIGINAL work. Please do not use other people's intellectual property or marketing materials.

Please check your work (movie files and critiques) before uploading. Some have turned in movies without audio and blank critiques.

Stencils (chptr 12)

Stencils are similar to Track Mattes, but determine transaprency for all of the layers underneath- not just the track directly below. You are likely want to use this in a pre-comp of some sort. You'll find a stencil option under the "modes" area.

Skills check: Can you make a glint? Use a stencil? Use a track matte?

Midterm Projects

  • Please place an MPEG4 or H.264 square pixel version of your project in the Midterm Project folder along with your critique.

Critiquing/Reviewing Midterm Projects

We will review these in class. Everyone will provide feedback and the class will serve as a focus group of sorts.

Start a new document in Textedit or Word called your username (mine would be jarkraus)

  • Note the name of each person as we review projects.
  • Write down at least 2 things or attributes that are working well (Excellent use of contrast, strong layout, etc.)
  • Write down at least 2 things that could be improved (text too small, unclear message, etc.)
  • When you are finished, place your document in the folder called "Peer Critiques".


  • Read Chapters 13 & 14 of the Meyer book. (3D layers and Cameras)
  • Create an entirely new 15 second (minimum) promo or opening title graphic. Create some of the major visual elements from within AE. It must have or contain:
    • A purpose or an objective (E.g. TV show intro or segue)
    • An animated 3D layer
    • A visual element whose appearance coincides with an audio element
    • A Ramp effect applied somewhere to make a gradient.
    • Turn in a square-pixel H.264 version
    • Be sure to turn in a critique form that indicates where and how you used the effects.

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