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T356 Critical Viewing Exercise

In this exercise you will analyze the opening of a live, multi-camera production, and make observations about the production design and execution.


Record the opening, first two minutes of a live, multi-camera studio production. (Alternatively, you can examine a DVD or a web-distributed program). You'll need to watch it several times in order to make the observations below.

(Examples to use include: The Nighly News, The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, The Late Show, etc.).

  • Write down the name of the show, station/network and the date and time it was aired. If you used a web-distributed clip, please include the URL.
  • Watch the first minute or so of the production several times.
  • Briefly describe the opening. (How did it start? What did you see and hear? Were there any microphones, lights, cameras or production elements visible?)
  • Try your best to visualize the floor plan and location of the various cameras. Draw a floor plan of the set, noting the number of cameras and their positions.
  • Comment on the audio. Were music, sound effects, or an announcer used?
  • What observations can you make regarding the lighting or graphics?
  • What do you like / dislike about the opening- or what do you think are the strongest / weakest elements?


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