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Studio 5 clips & You(tube)

NOTE: This is a temporary solution to get clips in and out of our Grass Valley video recorder. Thanks to Garrett for wrangling up the instructions.

Getting clips off of the server (for editing, portfolios, etc.):

  1. Load desired Take into Server 5 for playback
  2. Put Server A in program on Video Switcher and fade up Server A Playback on Audio Console.
  3. Playback in the middle of program to confirm audio and video signal (optional, but encouraged)
  4. Start at beginning of clip on Server
  5. Press record button on Ki Pro Rack and confirm timecode roll
  6. Press play on Server A
  7. Run program
  8. At end of program, press stop on Ki Pro Rack
  9. Eject Ki Pro drive, and use firewire 800 to download onto computer as self contained .mov file!
  10. Once you've copied the clips to your computer, bring back the Ki Pro drive.

Getting clips onto the server (for playback in Studio 5 productions):

  1. Make sure your movie is exported as XDcam 1920x1080 (NTSC 60i) 29.97 fps (either 35 or 50 Mbps VBR should work)
  2. Once in the studio, simply unplug the keyboard USB directly behind the Server video monitor, and plug in Drive with file to transfer to computer. REMEMBER TO PLUG KEYBOARD BACK IN!
  3. Put in V:\Imports\
  4. In GG App Center (Server Control software), "Look In.." "Imports"
  5. Click "Import" on the Bin nav menu on the left of the bin window
  6. Click "File" and you should see all the files in the "V:\Imports" folder
  7. Import...

Posting Clips onto Video Sharing Sites like YouTube & Vimeo

Before posting, be sure you have the rights to all of the material in the video. This includes having releases for your on-camera talent and any intellectual property contained in the videos.

Get your clips and edit as needed, trimming excess slates, footage, etc. from the beginning and tail of the video. PSAs should be exactly 30 or 60 seconds long. Make sure all of your video is fully rendered. In Premiere, set your work area to span the proper length or use in & out points to specify the area to export.

To export a movie, look under the "File" menu. Select file -> export -> media. H.264 or MPEG-4 are good codecs to use.


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