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T356 - Week 15


  • Reality Check
  • Review for final exam
  • Evaluations

Reality Check

  • Final Projects (part 2) this week. Don't forget that you need to write a two-page critique, which is worth 10 points. These are due by the end of this week- Friday at the latest.
  • Extra credit MUST be carried out this week- I need this first thing Monday morning (before our final)
  • T356 Spring 2014 final exam was originally scheduled (by the Registrar) for Friday, May 8 - 10:15 AM - 12:15 PM Studio 5. However due to popular demand, the Spring 2015 T356 FINAL EXAM will be held Monday, May 4 at 12:20 PM in Studio 5.
  • Please go to https://ocqbest.indiana.edu/ to submit an evaluation for Jim. The AI evaluations are still done with paper.

Final Quiz review

Input / suggestions on how to make the class better.

Final Thoughts

TV studios vary in size and shape. Hopefully this class has served as a good introduction to studio techniques and has given you a lot of practice directing.

Remember to keep an open mind and continue learning new techniques. When you leave school your education is just beginning.

One of the most important things you can do as a production student is to put a reel together. It's good to have a website where you can update and feature your work.

Be sure to leave this class with everything you worked on. (tape and/or hard drive) Even if your project didn't go as well as you hoped, there are certainly parts that you can use. (Also good for memorabilia.) Clips will be deleted after next week.

Class Evaluations

  • T356 0071 - Monday Lab
  • T356 0072 - Wednesday Lab
  • Telecom Lab = AI evaluation

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