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P356 Fall 2015 - Week 3

Labor Day - No classes or labs this week!

  • However please be prepared for next week's lab and read over the Floor Director cues (outlined below). There will be a quiz in lecture and in lab we'll be producing Studio 5 Perspectives.

Announcements/Reality Check

  • Studio 5 Perspectives - Topic & 5 Questions due next week in lab. Please bring a printed copy to lab.
  • Camera Quiz (Quiz #1) next week in lecture.
  • PSAs- Should find a client by our next lab, as initial PSA Proposals are due in a few weeks.
  • Don't forget about other major production assignments. Now is the time to be thinking about your demonstration video and dramatic scene.

Director/Assistant Director/Floor Manager Duties & Cues

Review roles of director and assistant director.

  • Both should talk clearly. (No-one else should talk unless necessary)
  • Always address the person you're talking to. (Camera 1- please tilt up")

AD duties:

  • Get's folks prepared. Makes sure Floor Director quiets set before shooting.
  • Times the show. Counts down out loud and presses the timer start at "0". Do not rush!.
  • Runs the Teleprompter
  • Helps set up shots
  • Keeps track of time. Knows how to backtime. Tells the director when to wrap.
  • Makes sure to end timer at after fade to black.

Director duties:

  • Stay calm
  • When interacting with talent always make them comfortable.
  • Should brief and "ready" the TD, audio, graphics, etc. BEFORE COUNTDOWN STARTS.
  • Be able to say "Mic & CUE talent"
  • Focus on getting good shots and a good performance.
  • Should be able to look ahead and line up shots well before they are needed.
  • Don't freeze. When in doubt, cut to another good shot.
  • Keep directions accurate and concise. "Ready downstream key." "Ready 1....... Take 1"
  • Thanks everybody at end.

Floor Director Cues (from Zettl - Chapter 16)

Standby - Show about to start

Cue - Show goes on air

Half-minute - 30 seconds left in show. Can form cross with two index fingers.

15 seconds - 15 seconds left in show

Cut - Stop speech or action immediately

On time - Go ahead as planned

Roll VTR (and countdown)

Speed Up - Accelerate what you are doing (You're going too slow)

Slow down - too much time left

5, (4, 3, 2, 1) minutes left until end of show

Wind up - Finish what you are doing. Come to an end.

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