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T436 Checklist
Revised 9/25/11

Revised treatments: We need revised treatments for the stories that we've decided to do, but needed some revisions. (To be followed by the working scripts as soon as the story elements and flow are locked in.)
___ Final Treatment

Scripts: We need working scripts at least 2 weeks before a production. The Executive Producer needs to be able to check off on the script before it goes into production.
___ Script

The directors need to meet with the DP and gaffers to review the script and scenes for each production. Some scenes are very hard to setup and light properly, others are less challenging. The key folks (Producers, Directors, DPs, Gaffers) need to know the complexity of each scene to know how long it will take to shoot. A must have before a solid schedule can be determined.
___ Director/DP/Gaffer script/scene review meeting

Assurance that Producers have secured actors, locations, and a shooting schedule a few weeks before produciton. Actors need time to rehearse. (And DPs and gaffers need to consider the technical challenges of the scenes and setups.)
___ Actors
___ Locations
___ Shooting schedule

Performer/Actor releases: Producers are responsible for getting the clearances. These can be found on our class website. It is important that these are gotten before or at the start of production (not after)wards.
___ Releases

Editors need to make sure folks the programs have good graphics (E.g. titles and credits), good sound design and also need to make sure everyone that should be acknowledged or thanked has their names spelled right, etc.
___ Titles/credits have solid visual design and accuracy of spelling
___ Sound design (some thought and finesse put into this)

Rough (viewing cuts) for us to look at ASAP after the production has wrapped.
___ Rough cut

Final edit: After the roughs have been screened, the rough cuts are polished to gems.
___ Final edit

Closed-captioned scripts (Just the dialog and important sound effects in a Word file.) There is a folder in Oncourse/Resources for these.
___ CC script

Final (media-managed) sequences. When a program is finished I want an FCP ProRes 4:2:2; HQ media managed version and a full Quicktime version (same codec). It's also important that backup copies exist due to hard drive failure.
___ Media (2 versions in two places)

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