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Hello and welcome to Small Screen Cinema. I’m Dawn Barber, your host for this episode’s collection of short filmmaking projects. We have several short cinema projects for you- all original, and all directed and produced by up and coming digital video cinematographers. So let’s get right to it and start out with our first project.


Thank you everyone for tuning into this episode of “Small Screen Cinema.” I hope you all enjoyed the Short Films. Until next time, I’m Dawn Barber for Small Screen Cinema.


“A Voice From Above,” is short film is about a struggling talent agent that is in desperate need to discover a hot new ventriloquist act before he is put out on the streets.

This next piece is titled “A Perfect Life.” The only thing that can be said about this short is that all have desires and needs. Writer and Director, Joe Rogan takes us on a journey into the mind of a dreamer.

“The Adventures of Benny and Donna,” is an exciting comedic take on our favorite childhood mystery novels. It follows a pair of young crime stoppers who find out that trust can be deceiving.

The ever so suspenseful interrogation room is the setting for our next piece, “Good Cop/Confused Cop.” The story of this short investigates the relationship of two cops and reasoning between the “The Good Cop” and “The Bad Cop” psyches when it comes to the interrogation room.

Our next piece explores the deceptive, the abstract, and the psychological principles of surrealism. “Pellucid,” is a beautiful journey into the unconscious state of a man who finds himself a quest of self-discovery.

The next short film is a haunting tale of death, fear, regret, and ultimately reconciliation.
A woman is terrorized by a spirit, one that she finds herself bounded too. This short is entitled, “Off Water.”

“Retro Lobo,” is the title of the next short film. A new way to transport illegal drugs has surfaced, and it is up to one man to serve and protect citizens and cereal of all kind.

The name of the next short is “The One Who Got Away.” This story ventures in to the home of a blind playwright. This writer finds himself in a state of paranoia when the inspiration of his new thrilling hit play starts to infiltrate his mind.



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